Experiencing the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights and the Value of Experiences

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in person? We’ve all seen pictures like the one above. But the feeling of actually seeing it for the first time is hard to describe. If you’ve seen the Northern Lights before, you’re probably remembering that feeling. But if you haven’t, no amount of description is going to do it justice. That’s something you have to experience. It’s like the first timeRead more

[User Guide] Klaviyo

 In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add a PicSnippet to an email in Klaviyo. In your PicSnippet account, load the PicSnippet you want to use. Scroll to the bottom of your PicSnippet image and click the “Generate Code” button. In the following “Get the Code” screen, under the Select your Platform drop-down menu choose “Klaviyo”. Then in the “Value for:…” drop-down menu choose the appropriate value forRead more

Seeing is Believing

Sometimes You Have to See It to Get It

Imagine your name is John. Now imagine it came to light that Lionardo DaVinci had painted “John” into the Mona Lisa. How would that feel? Imagine how much more meaningful that image would be now that it has your name on it. Now imagine that anyone in the world looking at that painting saw their own name on it. Think about the impact it would have. Anyone looking atRead more

The Science Behind PicSnippets

The Science Behind PicSnippets

What is a PicSnippet? Here’s the easy definition. A PicSnippet is an image that has some dynamic data on it, like a first name or a birthdate: Does this get you excited?!?! Maybe, maybe not. Never fear, PicSnippets is SO MUCH MORE: PicSnippets helps you build a stronger connection with your prospects and customers. Building a stronger connection is one of the best ways to get your audience to knowRead more

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