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The Northern Lights and the Value of Experiences

Experiencing the Northern Lights

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in person? We’ve all seen pictures like the one above.

But the feeling of actually seeing it for the first time is hard to describe. If you’ve seen the Northern Lights before, you’re probably remembering that feeling. But if you haven’t, no amount of description is going to do it justice. That’s something you have to experience.

It’s like the first time I saw fireflies (or lightning bugs, as the entire East Coast calls them). It was magical, in a way that I still can’t describe to this day.

Think about an experience you’ve had that was so awesome it’s hard to describe. Think about the power of that experience. Think about the power of experience.

We’ve seen companies such as Apple and Tesla and others create these types of experiences for their followers and customers. What makes these companies so powerful is how they connect their company and product to their customers emotions. Their products aren’t SKUs, they are experiences.

Your marketing should be about harnessing that power. If you stop thinking about your funnels as “funnels” and start thinking about them as experiences, then buying from you will be like seeing the Northern Lights (or fireflies) for the first time.

PicSnippets exists to help you create more meaningful experiences for your followers and customers. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity and personality on display in your funnel! Your customers will be glad you did.


Featured Image Photo Credit to Daniel Storer

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