“This Literally Has Your Name On It”

Imagine for a second that you are interested in backing a Kickstarter campaign for the latest fancy backpack. So you head over to the Kickstarter campaign and sign up for updates on that product. Let’s say a few days go by, and then you get an email from the product manager saying you’ve been selected randomly to receive a free gift (a legit gift, not one of those lameRead more

[Case Study] Dealing with Colder Emails Even if You Are Frank Kern

In the year I spent working with Frank Kern, we sent a LOT of emails. But one particular email that we sent stood out from the rest. We always sent our email campaigns in batches of 3 or 4 emails. Frank had (and still has, I believe) a theory that his list needed to be sent the same email at least 3 times before they would actually read it.Read more

Book Sales Case Study Header

[Case Study] How One Image Nearly DOUBLED Book Sales

https://vimeo.com/298185023 If reading isn’t your thing, check out this video case study! I do some pro bono marketing work for some of my friends in the combat sports industry. Most of them are fighters that, unfortunately, don’t make a lot of money just from fighting. So they turn to other sources of revenue. One such friend is a well-known kickboxer here in California. He wrote a book that heRead more

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