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[Case Study] How One Image Nearly DOUBLED Book Sales

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I do some pro bono marketing work for some of my friends in the combat sports industry. Most of them are fighters that, unfortunately, don’t make a lot of money just from fighting. So they turn to other sources of revenue.
One such friend is a well-known kickboxer here in California. He wrote a book that he wanted to sell to his followers, so I helped him put together a website so he could sell the book.
We had an interesting experience trying out a PicSnippet for a part of the process. Here’s the backstory:
When he launched the books initially (before we’d built the website), he sold out of them in about 48 hours. He’s a really popular guy, and I think people were really excited about getting a book he’d written.
He decided he was going to order more copies of the book so he could sell more, which is where I came in. I was going to help with marketing the new copies before he had the actual books ready to sell.
So we set up a simple web form where people could input their name and email to “reserve” a book.
Here’s where it got fun:
When the books arrived, we blasted that entire list (about 300 people) announcing it. We had a little over 50 people buy within that first week, just from that initial email.
Over the next 2 months, we sent a couple of reminder emails to get the people to go and buy the book that they’d reserved, and we rounded up another 45 or so sales.
Then I had the idea to use a PicSnippet to boost our sales. I sent an email with the subject line ‘Yo, I’ve got your book waiting‘ and inserted this image where I merged in the email address they used to reserve the book:
Book Pre-Order Postit
In the 5 days after that email was sent, we did another 41 sales. That’s almost the same amount that we’d done in the previous 2 months with several emails!
The click rate on that email also doubled from what we’d seen previously. But most importantly, the conversion rate from click to purchase was nearly 70% on that one email, which is almost DOUBLE what it was during launch week.
Here’s the crazy part. This email was sent nearly 2 months after “launch”, and the recipients hadn’t previously engaged. So these weren’t the “low hanging fruit” on the list.
While there are a lot of factors that go into marketing, it is pretty clear that PicSnippets had a MASSIVE impact on our sales.

If it happens online, it’s Bret's expertise. Over the last 15 years, he's worked with over 500 businesses in nearly every industry to solve their day-to-day, tactical problems and generated over $250 million in revenue. Also, Frank Kern once said he was the best flamenco dancer he’d ever seen.

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